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Mature content
How's my stance, Vero? :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 3 0
Paige Heldine! :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 15 0
Mature content
Peer Pressure isn't all that bad! :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 16 0
Mature content
Who let this hippo in here!? :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 15 2
Camile Argua: Centaur fatty!
Camile Argua: Excellence with corpulence!
Camile is a High Adipo elite, eats, sleeps and breathes exuberance. Before joining the Guild, she was just a plus-sized model. She was always a huge proponent of growing huge, treats it as a bit of a competition. But once the Guild started becoming popular as source of entertainment as well as just a place to make money, she quickly joined.
Personality: Haughty, doting, Camile is frequently seen with a self-absorbed smile. She strolls around with extra sway in her step- not just because of the jiggling, either.
She always is seen eating- but doesn’t talk when she is either. Very proper, obsessed with etiquette and the “right” way of growing fat. Despite dating Shibo, she’s very open sexually and it isn’t uncommon for her to just start making out and groping one of the fatter Guildies- with the exceptions being those she doesn’t like.
In the field, Camile takes a support role
:iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 4 0
Niu Pangzi, Mootial Artist!
WHO IS: Niu Pangzi?
Niu Pangzi, Cowgirl martial artist from the east, runt of the farm and raised as a protector rather than as livestock. She left once the action dried up, became a bounty hunter for a while and apparently made a name for herself before coming to Adipo City.
Showed up, was generally one of the more competent Guildies, but her pride and Adipo’s calories eventually got to her.
Personality: Stoic/// prone to outbursts of either glee or anger/// Generally, more reliant on others at higher weights/// Usually only talks when it's important to her/// Frowns and pouts a lot/// Opens up super hard when around someone she respects.
Likes: Rice ///Tests///The ocean.
Dislikes: Machines /// The city /// Her time being wasted /// People thinking she’s livestock.
Relationships: Doesn’t like Midori /// doesn’t respect Elizabeth but will open up to her /// Hates Leona /// Thinks highly of Shibo and Camile.
Currently doesn’t have a partner.
:iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 2 0
Mature content
Seriously? At this hour? :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 8 3
Mature content
Kick! Punch! It's all in my belly! :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 7 2
You Weren't going to eat that, were you?
 (Vore! Fats! NON-CANON.)
Just another Concrete Jungle, Adipo city was this lush, twisting and turning manmade creation. For as far as society had come away from its meager, bestial beginnings, the more things change the more they only seemed to remain the same.
Leona squinted out the window of the Guildhouse’s halls, glassy auburn eyes scanning the cold horizon. Just a damp, wet film of slush turning the sight into that of a kaleidoscope.
A sharp exhale through the nostrils and an even sharper turn away. The veteran Guildie continued on her path around the building, mundane security work. Someone had to do it and this time it was hers.
Normally, Leona was seen as this proud, long necked lioness. She stood tall with her chest out and her earthy green tail straight, like a javelin. Her features were sharp and tough, emanating this aura of influence all around her.
If you wanted to get something done, you go to Leona.
Unfortunately, wandering a
:iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 7 3
You left the Tv on, Midori!
There were a few things that Midori simply never got used to, despite being designed for compatibility. A majority of them weren’t even related to her synthetic body, either- not the cables and wires that ran beneath the surface of her skin, nor her luminous eyes. Not even her constantly shifting dimensions served as a point of contention, they were all just things she had grown to live with.
Life had taken on a different structure, rather than being a messy web of thought and memories, Midori’s was more like a library with entire sections just locked off to her. Pockets of data in her mind that detailed every out of place follicle on someone’s head. There were no mistakes here, just gaps of nonexistence. She didn’t dream, just relive what had been done to her in the past-  the delineation between now and the past was increasingly vague. But still, no mistakes. Everything was in the right position, only a faulty start-up would give her any t
:iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 11 0
Mature content
I'm getting Paid for This, Right? :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 6 0
Mature content
It's not Fat, it's Protective Pudge! :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 6 3
Mature content
Is it My Turn Yet? :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 7 0
Heroes have Seconds, Midori! :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 6 1
Mature content
Never meet your heroes! (1/2) :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 12 1
Mature content
I'll Stuff that Dirty Mouth! :iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 7 0


Mature content
Beachy Princess Peachy :iconpillow-queen:Pillow-Queen 4 2
Mature content
REAR AutobluBBer II *Insert 2B Acronym Pun* :iconmac-nova:Mac-Nova 273 7
Mature content
Chiaki: Gamer Gainer :icondarkfireballz:Darkfireballz 125 22
flight of the valkyrie :iconishibu:ishibu 88 8
Mature content
All Clowns Go To Heaven :iconbronzebanana:BronzeBanana 187 11
comm Vicky :iconishibu:ishibu 134 10
Legend of Zelda WG: Breathless Of The Wild 2
Mipha had known Link for a far longer period of time than Princess Zelda ever had. They had been friends as children, thanks to the bond of friendship that their fathers shared. Before Link became the princess' most honored knight, before Mipha had been designated her peoples' Champion, they had just been a Hylian and a Zora who loved to play games and talk about the future together. Whenever the young man got hurt, Mipha was never late to heal his wounds. She'd made a promise, both to herself and to him, that she would always be there to take care of him.
Yet as they traveled across Hyrule on this uncertain journey for Zelda to awaken her powers, it seemed like Link began to show more care and affection toward the princess instead of her. Mipha didn't want to say she felt envious of Zelda, because envy was such an ugly emotion to have, but there was an eerie sensation that always prickled at the back of her neck like a warning or some such. It told her that she needed to be worried ab
:iconborin23:Borin23 77 20
YCH Commission :iconyer-keij-fer-cash:Yer-Keij-fer-Cash 162 5
Mature content
Stuffed Shaundi :iconhuskydoodlez:HuskyDoodlez 90 12
Yuka Kitamura :iconsunny3257:Sunny3257 103 5 Yoghurt :iconsunny3257:Sunny3257 106 7 KIP :iconsunny3257:Sunny3257 137 5 Commission illust :iconsunny3257:Sunny3257 299 18 Comm - Moira :iconroundersofter:RounderSofter 145 11 Comm Nora and Aisha :iconishibu:ishibu 336 30 Dark Mage Weight Gain :iconbinge-chan:binge-chan 860 51


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I write about fatties! o wo

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Also known as Midori attempts to become relevant and tries to fight with a fundamental misunderstanding of how to format things on the internet.

I'll go through the first fourteen people to comment-o here's galleries, link their accounts and three of my favorite submissions from them.
Not gonna ask that you do the same, but you should def give it a try!
Or is that not how this works, I don't know, I'm young and stupid.
1. :iconslash-pseudo:

Mature Content

Wide Waifu by Slash-Pseudo
Blubberbuss. by Slash-Pseudo

Mature Content

Cherno-Chan by Slash-Pseudo

2. :iconmanler: The smallest reference (Zee). by manler  Draconia by manler  Humpty dumpty broke the wall... by manler

3. :iconsir-wales: 5 Levels of Akari [XWG]
Mmmm…why do the Christmas holidays have to be so short? I don’t want to go back to college. Then again, I only have a few more months before I graduate. Probably won’t be as scary as looking for a well-paying job. However I couldn’t bear to move out. Not yet at least…not with my little Akari here. I know she doesn’t need me all the time, but I like to be around just in case she needs my support. Plus I could never dream of moving away from my Akari!
Though I worry I’ve been spoiling her too much lately. Christmas time is an excuse to snack more. It was a colder winter too…Not to mention her friends came over more than her going out. Before I knew it, she plumped up into a little piglet. Not that that’s a bad thing…but…
This will sound wrong of me, but…I think I prefer a plump Akari to the thin one. Of course both are absolutely adorable in every which way. However, the way I can sink my hands into
Mount Lardy [GTS, XWG, Gas]
“We’re being attacked! Run!” The citizens of Musutafu were well within their right to panic as several bizarre creatures ravaged stores and cars. Anyone who was close enough to one of these oozing monsters swore they had a sweet scent but chose not to stick around too much. Leading the pack of the gelatins creations was a portly woman; blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed like a chef, people confused her for some sort of French tourist. Confusing people more was how none of the monsters attacked her as she graciously announced her presence.
“That’s right! Flee! Run from the fearsome Maid Tradé! The fiercest chef this side of the Pacific!” The villainous chef boasted, all the while filling her pockets with money and loot her creatures brought to her. “This city will soon be mine, lest they wish for my rampage to continue!” She continued to monologue aloud, people not bothering to listen as they made attempts
Large Witch Academia [Mutual fWG]
Sniff Sniff…is this what you were talking about?” Akko asked hesitantly. The young, budding witch stood before her sleepy friend as a strange concoction bubbled in her hands. All Akko knew was that Sucy claimed that she had something that would help increase her magic powers, allowing her to be a better witch. “It doesn’t look 100% safe.”
Sucy let out a little cackle as she fiddled with her various potions “Will you relax? It’s not as if this is the same mix that Minotaur drank.” She hadn’t once looked at Akko since she gave her the potion bottle. “I made it just for you.”
“Okay but what exactly does it do?”
“Hmm? Oh!” Sucy realized she hadn’t exactly gone over the specifics of this new brew. “It’s like an energy drink. You chug some of it down and BAM! An abundance of magical energy flows through your body, allowing you to do anything!” She hastily muttered s

4.  :iconvioletzero:

Mature Content

How Come Every Cat Doesn't Have Their Day? by VioletZero
Vero the Virgin Killer by VioletZero

Mature Content

Big Giant Summer Break by VioletZero

5. :iconrevivedracer209: Mrs. Arrow's Valentine's Day Gift by revivedracer209 Corrin and Silas by revivedracer209 Rush Minute in Mute City by revivedracer209

6. :iconhuskydoodlez:

Mature Content

Not Cookie Related by HuskyDoodlez

Mature Content

Snack Maniac by HuskyDoodlez

Mature Content

Hefty Hinata by HuskyDoodlez

7. :iconcasualmuffin: Overwatch Christmas Party - Part 1It was December, and all the Overwatch operatives had some downtime due to it being Christmas soon, and there being no major disaster that the world needed their help with right now. And such, when you and a bunch of your friends have downtime, you have a party! The party was going to be at Tracer and Emily's house.
The house was spacious, and had plenty of room for all of the members of Overwatch. There was a large, airy loving room with white walls and a smooth laminated floor, which was were. Most of the party was going to take place, including some other rooms around the large house, which all shared the properties of being well lit and very spacious.
It was the 23rd of December, and Tracer and Emily were both rushing around the house to try and get everything cleaned up and all the food prepared for the party tomorrow. Tracer was doing most of the cleaning, using her chronal accelerator to blink around the house, making quick work of all the cobwebs. Meanwhile, Emily was prep
A Shitty Holiday - Chapter 1Content warning in the description!
Summer had just begun, and the Overwatch members were all heading off on their holidays, most of the members were going to a hotter place, like Florida. However, Tracer had convinced Mercy and Widowmaker that it was worth going to Switzerland for the mountains, snow, etc. but secretly Tracer just really liked the chocolate there. The girls were dressed in casual clothes, with Widowmaker wearing some yoga pants and a tight tank top, emphasising her curves and large arse, Tracer wearing a crop top and some very short denim shorts, just showing the bottom of her arse, and Mercy was wearing some more modest clothes, with just a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
After a boring journey, the group finally got to the small cottage they were staying in. It was small and isolated, being up the side of one of the snowy Swiss mountains, but this just meant that they wouldn’t get disturbed. The group piled out of the car, stretching their legs out after the long
Overwatch Camping Trip - Part 1Warning - This story contains a lot of shit! Don't read it if you don't like that kinda stuff!
“Alright girls, we’re here!” Mercy said as she pulled over the car into the parking spot. Mercy, Widowmaker and Tracer were going on a camping trip in the forest, to spend some of the free time they get. Tracer hopped out of the old car first, and popped open the boot, pulling out her bag she had packed. The bag was large compared to the small British girl, who was having trouble heaving it out of the back of the car. Mercy and Widowmaker grabbed their smaller bags out of the car. It was warm, and the girls were all wearing T-shirts, which clung tightly to their curves. Tracer was wearing some short shorts, Widowmaker her usual skin tight yoga pants, and Mercy wearing some more sensible hiking trousers.
                Soon the girls were ready to head off, so they started to make their way into the f









Help pick the next story I write?
TBH the results of this will just push me in a direction- no guarantees that I'll actually write that one though. Everything will be written at one point.

Just noticed I hit 8k page views. Tbh, I didn't really expect to?
I'm feeling pretty warm and fuzzy right now- thanks a bunch to everyone!
I'm actually going to ruin your face.
"Oh hey Midori, totally get started on those stories you owed people."
You know what,me?
Instead I'm just gonna lose all inspiration and make posts like this talking about it.
(Super sorry if you're waiting on something, I might put up another thing for myself just to get things going again.)
Ohhey if you commented, the thingy thing's updated. o ^o


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